Cerec One Appointment Crowns

At the Smile Dental Centre, London, Ontario, we have the ability to make crowns in one appointment using Cerec technology, which is the latest technology for fabricating crowns, inlays and onlays right in our office. No more temporary crowns for a week while you wait for the crown to be made at the dental lab and no more of those annoying impressions.

The Cerec machine uses 3D CAD/CAM technology allowing us to repair teeth and complete tooth restoration in a single visit. A conventional crown, inlay or onlay tooth restoration or cosmetic enhancement requires two appointments; one for impressions to be taken and one to seat the finished crown in your mouth. A temporary crown is placed on the tooth at the first visit and replaced with the permanent crown at the second visit about a week later. Using Cerec, patients leave the same day with their permanent crown. No temporary crown or second appointment is needed and the added benefit is that the dental treatment fees are the same as for the various types of conventional crowns.

CEREC Patient Video

How does Cerec Technology work?

First the damaged or chipped tooth is prepared for restoration by removing any decay, damaged tooth structure and defective restorations. Digital images are taken of the prepared tooth, the surrounding teeth and your bite, using a special high-resolution intraoral camera. After the images are collected the Cerec computer uses them to create virtual 3D models of your mouth. Dr. Cho, Dr. Garakani or Dr. Tawar then designs the new porcelain crown on the Cerec computer to exactly fit your tooth with an accurate bite. Once the crown design is complete, a solid block of porcelain is placed into the Cerec milling machine and in less than 15 minutes a permanent crown is ready to be permanently placed for you at the Smile Dental Centre, all in just one appointment. Some patients have compared this process to a 3D printer but the Cerec process is far more precise. It still amazes us every time we see a solid block of porcelain turn into a custom-fitted crown, inlay or onlay for a patient in just minutes.

And it’s not just crowns that the cosmetic dentists at the Smile Dental Centre can make for you in just one visit. Many aspects of cosmetic dentistry can be achieved using Cerec technology to improve your smile.

The cosmetic dentists at the Smile Dental Centre in London, Ontario, are constantly seeking out the latest ways to improve and enhance the smiles of our patients and now with the added benefit of Cerec technology in our office we can do it all with just one visit crowns. Just speak to us the next time you are in our office or call to ask us if a Cerec one-appointment crown is right for you.

Smile Dental Centre (winner of the Consumers Choice Award for cosmetic dentistry, seven years in a row) is the right choice for same day crowns in London Ontario.

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