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Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment

With its aesthetic appeal, removability, and comfortable design, Invisalign (invisible braces) is a terrific orthodontic option for adults and adolescents alike. Invisalign is a modern orthodontic treatment of straightening teeth to restore a beautiful and natural smile for teenagers and adults who have crooked teeth.

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Invisalign: An Attractive Alternative For Braces/Traditional Orthodontic Treatment

Invisalign is a modern breakthrough in orthodontics with many advantages over conventional braces. Probably the number one reason Invisalign is a favorite alternative to braces is the fact that the aligners are clear and therefore very hard to see. Many people who want straighter teeth are put off by the appearance of conventional metal braces, making Invisalign (invisible braces) much more appealing. As well as being nearly invisible, Invisalign is also a comfortable and less bulky orthodontic treatment, without the need for metal brackets and wires.

Another benefit of choosing Invisalign is the aligners are removable. This makes it easier to look after your oral hygiene during treatment; you can still brush and floss as you normally would - just take the aligners out when you need to clean your teeth. The same is true for eating and drinking, because you can remove the aligners, Invisalign orthodontic treatment does not stop you from eating particular foods.

Afraid of metal braces and how it will impact your appearance? Maybe you’re just entering high school or choosing to enhance your smile later in life and finally have a smile that you have always dreamed about! Our London Ontario dentists at Smile Dental Centre can help. Fill out our complimentary consultation form, or talk to Dr. Garakani or Dr. Tawar today to see if this orthodontics treatment option is right for you.

Why Choose Smile Dental Centre

Our London Ontario dentists at Smile Dental Centre are preferred Invisalign providers you can trust. We use new technology to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. Our Intraoral scanners will quickly scan your mouth to assist us in your treatment requirements. In this way, we can preview your projected smile so you can visualize the end result before you start. Our Cerec Scanner means no messy impressions and moulds, greater accuracy and fit of aligners and faster turnaround time. 

Dental patients undergoing Invisalign treatment can be confident in our process. Dr. Garakani or Dr. Tawar will develop a custom treatment plan to straighten your teeth, making sure you know exactly what to expect and for how long you’ll need to wear the Invisalign aligners. We will also spend a full hour, FREE OF CHARGE, with each patient before you start your treatment to go over how to clean your aligners, care for your aligners and maintain your teeth to ensure optimal oral health during your Invisalign orthodontic treatment. After completion of the treatment, each patient will receive a free take home whitening kit so that they can brighten their new beautiful smile.

A Preferred Invisalign Provider in London, Ontario

Not everyone has a perfect smile, but by working together, we can make it happen.

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