The Smile Dental Centre has been providing comprehensive dental care as your local family dentist in London, Ontario for more than 12 years. Our family dentist and professional team are passionate about making a trip to the dentist fun, yet educational by helping families achieve excellent oral health. As your local family dentist, Smile Dental Centre also takes pride in providing comprehensive children’s dental care, making sure they have proper instruction and tools to take care of their smile for years to come. We take each child’s uniqueness into consideration along with positive reinforcement to ensure fun at every visit.

Family Dentistry

Building Great
Family Dental Habits

We believe it is important for good dental habits to start early. Smile Dental Centre offers a baby oral health program for infants and toddlers from the ages of 6 months to 3 years of age. This program allows us to educate parents and caregivers to prevent childhood cavities, establish age appropriate oral care routines, and discuss oral habits and eating for a healthy mouth as baby teeth are important for function, speech and craniofacial development. Trust your Smart Smile family dentist to meet and exceed your oral care needs.

SmartStart and Baby Oral Health Program at Smile Dental Centre

Smart Start
Children’s Program

At Smile Dental Centre, we believe that good dental habits  will lead to happier and healthier lives as children grow. We offer a program called Smart Start for Kids, which is a fun, interactive and educational program for our youngest patients from 3 to 10 years of age. Together in partnership with our team, each child will start to learn about life long habits of caring for their teeth and oral health. Each visit brings growth and learning using hands on interactive and captivating techniques to provide kids/children the knowledge that will develop into adult routines needed for the next phase of their dental health.

Your Family Dentist
in London, Ontario

The Smile Dental Centre team believes in providing excellence in dental care in an atmosphere of comfort for you and the entire family– nothing less is acceptable. From the moment you walk into our clinic, your children can enjoy a play area with toys, books and a television while you relax with a complimentary beverage before your appointment.

Babies, children and their parents can all find the comprehensive dental care they need at Smile Dental Centre. Book a free consultation by filling out the form on this page and experience comprehensive, quality dental care your whole family will appreciate!

To learn more, please visit our Baby Oral Health page and/or our Children’s Dental Care page or contact us for further inquiries!

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