Cavities In Children

Symptoms of Cavities in Children

When a cavity first presents, it may have no symptoms at all. This is one reason why regular dental visits are important. Your dentist can detect cavities early, and if small enough, they can be reversed. Once a cavity grows, your child may begin to experience symptoms.

Mother sitting with her young daughter for a dental exam with the dentist examining the young girl.

Symptoms of cavities include:

  • Tooth sensitivity (usually to hot, cold, or sweets)
  • Toothache
  • Pain when biting down
  • White, brown, or black spots on the tooth (white spots usually appear first)
  • Visible pit or hole in the tooth

Male child holding side of mouth indicating a toothache.

Untreated cavities can result in:

  • Chewing difficulty
  • Pain
  • Infection of teeth and gums
  • Tooth abscess (pus around tooth caused by an infection)
  • Tooth loss

Diagnosing Cavities in Children

Cavities are typically easy to identify during a routine dental check-up. Visiting your dentist before any symptoms arise will aid in early detection.

Toddle brushing his teeth,

Preventing Cavities in Children

The best treatment for a cavity is preventing it. Teaching your child good oral hygiene habits is the best way to ensure long-lasting dental health. Parents should assist children with teeth brushing until they become proficient at cleaning teeth thoroughly. Making it a fun time together and building great family dental habits will encourage your child to brush often.

Tips to Prevent Cavities in Children

  • Brush teeth at least twice a day
  • Use fluoride-containing toothpaste: Your dentist will instruct you on safe amounts for younger children.
  • Use floss teeth daily to remove plaque in between teeth: Fun character flossers are available for children.
  • Drink tap water: Most water supplies contain fluoride which strengthens teeth.
  • Limit sugary foods and drinks
  • Avoid all-day sipping and frequent snacking
  • Eat a healthy diet: Fruits and vegetables actually increase saliva flow which helps wash away bacteria.
  • Visit your dentist regularly: Dental check-ups are recommended twice a year, starting at the first birthday or upon tooth eruption.

Young girl sitting in the dentist chair with a woman dentist examining her teeth.

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