Maintaining Healthy Oral Hygiene On Summer Vacation

Summer is here! That means you’re always on the go; camping, traveling, visiting family, road trips and much more. Maintaining you and your family’s dental hygiene routine can be difficult. Here are some expert tips to help keep your oral hygiene on track during summer vacay!

Don’t forget your toothbrush

If you have many overnight trips planned this summer, there are many simple tips and tricks you can follow instead of letting your oral hygiene suffer. The obvious one is remembering to pack a toothbrush! Don’t rely on hotels having one there for you. You can also purchase travel cases and travel-sized toothbrushes to make it more convenient when packing. Don’t forget your floss too!

Pack a travel case

A travel bag is an essential piece when answering the “what do I bring?” question. Along with your skin and hair care products you are going to want to make sure you have your toothbrush, floss and mouthwash – easy! All items come in travel sizes, which make them small enough to stick them in your purse or car! Other items that you may not think are as important but you should include are; a water bottle. A dry mouth can increase cavity-causing bacteria, so in case you did forget your toothbrush it is important to rinse your mouth out after acetic foods or just to stay hydrated! If you want to go above and beyond, pack yourself sugar free gum and toothpicks. Making a pit stop for lunch? Don’t have time to rinse after? Chewing sugar free gum with freshen your breath and with the assistance of toothpicks you’ll be able to remove and rinse away food particles, allowing you to quickly get back to your summer vacation activities!

Great hygiene skills start at a young age!

Explaining to your children the importance of oral hygiene care can be difficult, especially while travelling as their main focus is having fun! With a change in their regular bedtime routine, excited kids can forget about brushing and flossing twice a day. Or, if you’re sending them off to summer camp, they may lack the adult supervision at night that enforces the brush/floss rule. It is important to remind your children how important it is to keep a healthy smile, as well as going that extra mile and packing an extra tooth brush, tooth paste and floss.

That’s why at Smart Smile we have developed an interactive program called Smart Start, that is devoted to educating and providing kids with the right start up tools to kick off their journey to a brighter, healthier smile! Learn more here!

Bonus Tip: Before any long getaway it is in your best interest to schedule your routine check-up appointment. Many parents schedule their children’s check-up appointments before school, which can result in a longer wait period due to overcapacity. Get it over with at the start of the summer so you and your children can simply enjoy your summer vacation!

Don’t delay! Schedule your check-up appointment with us today!

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