Invisalign: It’s Not Just About Good Looks

Nicely aligned teeth give a sense of confidence and satisfaction, but did you know that having your teeth straightened has numerous health benefits as well?  Lauren Gueits, RDH, BS, recently wrote an excellent article on the benefits of properly aligned teeth and in it she points out how crooked teeth can negatively impact one’s health through:

  • Plaque buildup: Crowded and crooked teeth are much harder to brush and floss, giving plague and bacteria plenty of places to grow.
  • Inflammation: Since misaligned teeth are more prone to buildup, inflammation is also more common, and inflammation leads to bleeding gums, sore gums and ultimately, loss of gum tissue.
  • Chipping, wearing and breakage: When your teeth sit in unnatural positions, they wear against each other. The longer the wear, the weaker the teeth. This makes crooked teeth much more prone to damage.
  • Sensitivity: Since misaligned teeth have more plaque, inflammation, wear and tear, the gums become extra-sensitive. If you are wincing as you try to eat ice cream or even just drink cold water, your crooked teeth could be to blame.

What’s the solution?

The tried and true solution for anyone – children and adults – with crooked teeth is to wear braces. However, today’s braces don’t have to be the hard, uncomfortable metal braces with rubber bands that most kids grew up with in the 80s. The comfortable, elegant, affordable solution is Invisalign®.

Invisalign is a series custom-made retainers that fit you and you alone; you get retainers that are the right fit for the shape and size of your mouth. The durable yet flexible plastic is clear so few people will even notice you are wearing “braces”.  There is no adjusting of wires or fiddling with elastics. You simply pop the retainer in your mouth and change it for a different size as your teeth gently move into place over a series of weeks.

Invisalign is designed to straighten your teeth without interfering with your life. Unlike metal braces, you won’t have to deal with food getting stuck in the device, a metal barrier to brushing and flossing, lack of self-confidence due to highly visible braces, or excessive dentist visits for constant maintenance.

Let the Smile Dental Centre Help

At the Smile Dental Centre, we know you want a beautiful smile, and we can give you one. However, our focus goes far beyond a great grin and into what is best for your health. Misaligned teeth create many oral health problems, but these problems can easily be avoided and addressed with Invisalign. Most people are surprised at how affordable and easy it is to use Invisalign and we look forward to explaining the benefits of this simple and effective device to you. If you have issues with crooked teeth, consult with us today. We are ready, willing and able to work with you for your best smile – and your best health.

The Smile Dental Centre offers a full range of dental services backed by outstanding patient care for children and adults. The Smile Dental Centre won the Consumer Choice Award five years in a row (2013 – 2017) for general and cosmetic dentistry in the London, ON region. Now that’s something to smile about!