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Smile Dental Centre is located in North London in a beautifully modern facility located in Northwest London at 1350 Fanshawe Park Rd West.

Please include us as part of your oral health care!

Dr. Cho, Dr. Bebawy, Dr. Ma, and the rest of the dental team provide their patients with the latest treatment options to create optimum dental health and beauty. From ensuring the right dental habits for children, to restorative dentistry, perfecting smiles with whitening, veneers and Invisalign, you know you’ve made a smart investment in you when you come to the caring professionals at the Smile Dental Centre situated in developing area of Hyde Park.

London Children and Family Dentistry in Hyde Park

Good dental habits start at an early age; at Smile Dental Centre, we take pride in making dentistry fun with our smart start for kids! Our interactive and educational program is developed around dental services for children 3 – 10 years old.

We invite families to the dental office in North London for their smart start first visit, where children are shown all the equipment and even get to see their own oral bacteria through a real microscope!


Dental Services


Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Childrens Program

Children’s Program

Cosmetic Dentistry in North London:
Whitening, Veneers and More!

Everyone wants a beautiful Hollywood smile; at Smile Dental Centre in London Ontario we offer a variety of cosmetic dental procedures to help make your perfect smile become a reality. We even offer a complementary consultation so we can get to the root of your problem and discuss your next steps!

If you’re looking for a dentist in London, fill out our complimentary consultation form or visit us at the Smile Dental Centre in North London, and take the first step towards a healthier, brighter smile today.

Located in Hyde Park’s vibrant shopping district in London, we are bound to make you smile.




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I’m really happy with the results so far!


All the staff are very friendly, they take their time to make sure your ok.


Smartsmile have one-on-one relationship with thier patients.


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