Laser/Light Teeth Whitening

by Dr. Yasaman Garakani on December 13, 2017

It all started about 4,000 years ago, when the ancient Egyptians created a whitening paste only using pumice stone and wine vine vinegar. Throughout the decades there have been many more approaches to teeth whitening, but one of the most effective and permanent solutions available today is laser/light teeth whitening.


We’re all guilty of drinking a bit too much coffee or indulging in that extra glass of red wine, but the wear and tear of these drinks can take a toll on your smile. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. It’s a prominent feature, and should always be a part of your daily hygiene routine.

Aside from a daily brushing and flossing regimen, regular dentist visits are recommended to maintain the health of your teeth, which in turn can keep them white. For those of us who want that extra sparkle, laser/light teeth whitening is a safe and relatively easy process.

How does it work?

The procedure uses laser technology, in combination with a paste. The paste is applied to the teeth and becomes active when the laser is applied to the area. This removes even the toughest stains from teeth, leaving them shining, bright and white. If you struggle to get the results you want from whitening strips, toothpaste or other whitening products, you can expect to get the glowing white teeth you desire if you choose laser/light teeth whitening. 


What are the benefits?

Quick and easy: Aside from the guaranteed glowing white smile you’ll walk away with, another benefit is the convenience factor. This procedure is done in our dentist office, and can be completed in just a single visit. Your visit will last approximately an hour, as opposed to whitening kits that you take home from the dentist. The kits are effective, but they must be worn for hours at a time and repeatedly over a span of time.

Laser/light teeth whitening is an easy and non-surgical process, so you can eat and drink as normal the night before. We do recommend that you receive a cleaning and scaling at Smile Dental Centre before your whitening treatment.

If you’re impatient: Laser/light teeth whitening treatment results can be seen right away! And with the proper maintenance and care of your pearly whites after the treatment, the results can last for months.

Safe and non-abrasive: Unlike some over-the-counter or whitening toothpastes, laser/light teeth whitening is gentle and non-abrasive for your teeth and gums, and no long-term side effects have been found.

Other benefits of laser/light teeth whitening include the boost of confidence and happiness when you feel better about your smile. A healthy glowing smile will contribute to a put together and professional appearance which will overall, result in a happier you.


What does it cost?

Pricing varies for laser/light teeth whitening. Although the price will depend on your dentist and the amount of discoloration you are facing, you can expect to pay $450 for the procedure. This includes a take-home whitening kit to maintain results after your visit!

If you’re looking for a solution that yields fast and painless results, laser/light teeth whitening is the answer. If you have any more questions about the process and benefits of laser/light teeth whitening, reach out to one of our experts at Smile Dental Centre. Book a free consultation or contact us today!

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