What to Do When It’s Been Years Between Visits

You know it’s important to get regular dental cleanings…but you’ve been putting them off. This is something dentists see all too often. Why does this happen?


Lack of Benefits: Dental care can be costly, but a lack of employer-sponsored health benefits is no excuse. Individual health care plans are affordable and easy to obtain. Think of it this way – you can pay a little each month and get the health and dental care you need, or you can take your chances without benefits and get hit with a whopping bill if you suddenly have to pay for braces or a tooth extraction. Benefits provide peace of mind and help you maintain good health. If you don’t have health benefits, be very proactive with your finances. Have an emergency fund that you contribute regularly to, or purchase an individual health care plan.

Distractions: Between work and the kids, parents have a habit of putting themselves last. They are quick to ensure the kids get regular cleanings, but forego their own appointments. Remember, your dental health is just as important and it’s easier to parent – and do the many other things you need to do during your day – when you are not suffering from ailments brought on sore gums and abscessed teeth.

Fear: We get it. Not everybody likes going to the dentist. But, not everybody likes vegetables either and now that you are older, you know that eating those greens is beneficial for your health (and once you start eating them, you realize it’s not so bad). Just like eating those leafy greens, once you find yourself in the dentist chair, you’ll realize your fears are unfounded. If you are going to have a painful procedure, we have numbing agents and freezing to take the pain away, along with other cheerful distractions to pass the time as we do your procedures. Think of it as a spa for your teeth. Then sit back and enjoy your “you” time with us!

If it’s been a few years between visits, you’ll likely have a thick layer of plaque built up, and your gums may bleed when we clean your teeth. To minimize your discomfort, we may have to schedule more than one cleaning.

If your gums have started to deteriorate thank to periodontal disease, we may need to refer you to a specialist. Gum loss is permanent and serious intervention is required if your loss is affecting the stability of your teeth.

As you can see, regular visits to your dentist can stave off a host of expensive, invasive problems.  Rather than face multiple cleanings and the threat of gum loss, schedule regular cleanings. Taking care of your health starts with you being proactive; and when you keep on top of those cleanings, you save time, money and hassle in the long run.

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