Invisalign: Choosing the right Dentist for your Fitting

Invisalign® is the revolutionary dental product that is working to make metal braces a thing of the past. Clear, comfortable and affordable, Invisalign is currently the most advanced clear dental alignment system in the world.

If you need braces or have an issue with crooked teeth, there’s no doubt that you’ll want the relief and correction Invisalign will bring; however, just like you wouldn’t go just anywhere for elective surgery, you should be very choosy in whom you choose to work with to get your Invisalign system fitted.

First of all, you should only get your Invisalign aligners from a certified dental professional. If you are being offered Invisalign, or anything like it, from anyone other than a dentist, run away. Improperly fitted aligners or knock off products can seriously damage your teeth and put your dental health at risk. To be properly fitted for Invisalign, a consultation, x-rays, and teeth impressions are necessary. Your treatment plan will be unique to you. An unqualified provider or an inferior product cannot offer a true fit, which needs to be based on 3D images of your teeth.

Secondly, the process of Invisalign is more comfortable than metal braces, it does take time for the system to work. Your dental professional needs to speak with you before, during and after the process to ensure everything is progressing as desired. This means you need to be very comfortable with your dentist. If your dentist makes you feel rushed and doesn’t answer your questions; or if he or she makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, have your Invisalign fitted by a different dentist. You should be excited about, not apprehensive for, each Invisalign appointment.  After your Invisalign treatment is complete, you may need to be fitted for a Vivera® retainer; thus it is very important for you to be comfortable with and have an ongoing professional relationship with your dentist.

invisalign.pngFinally, your dentist needs to be aware of new and emerging Invisalign treatments, processes, products and trends. Your dentist should never stop learning and growing his or her skills. He or she should always be in a position to offer you the best treatments and products for your needs. Invisalign offers dentists ongoing product training. Ask your dental professional if he or she takes part in this ongoing education.

Invisalign is a great product and it can do wonderful things for your teeth, and we all know a great smile boosts self-confidence, which, in turn, boosts your quality of life. However, we want your Invisalign experience to be a great one from start to finish, and that means choosing a provider that is (a) certified (b) ensures you comfort and safety (c) takes part in ongoing training.

The Smile Dental Centre takes these three points very seriously and is pleased to offer you the best possible Invisalign experience. Contact us today to learn more.

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