Assess Your Risk, Minimize the Impact!

by Dr. Yasaman Garakani on March 15, 2016

Assess Your Risk, Minimize the Impact
The state of the low Loonie has Canadians hovering over their investments wondering how to best mitigate the risk of further losses, but your balance sheet isn’t the only thing you should be monitoring. Your oral health is strongly linked to your overall health. If you have issues in one area of your body, your gums may be impacted. Read on to find out how to invest in your health so you can minimize the risks of gum disease.
Butt out: Tobacco user are far more likely to get gum disease than non-smokers. Since each tobacco serving comes with a heaping side of high heart disease and cancer risk, butt out to save your gums – and your health.

  • Heart health: What do high cholesterol and heart attacks have to do with gum disease? Sadly, untreated gum disease increases your risk of heart disease. The more inflammation in your gums, the greater the risk on your heart.
  • Medication maladies: Medications can cause changes in your mouth. These changes can decrease the amount of your saliva, promote infection or cause swelling of your gums. Most medications do more good than harm, so don’t stop taking the medications you need; just be sure to book an appointment with your dental care team so they can ensure your gums stay healthy during your course of treatment.
  • Is that a DNA marker in your jeans pocket? Once you forgive that “gene” pun, know that a history of gum disease in your family increases your risk too.
  • Don’t stress over this next one: Job loss, death in the family, that crazy first year of marriage, the state of the economy – we have plenty to stress about. Stress lowers your immune system and a compromise immune system leads to gum disease. For the sake of your oral (and mental) health, manage life’s stressful moments with mediation, yoga, therapy, etc.
  • Slow down that smooching: Some of the bacteria that causes gum disease is contagious. Our recommendation for a strong and healthy marriage is for both partners to keep their gums in tip top shape! Lives are meant for sharing. Bacteria, not so much.
  • Brittle bones: Osteoporosis can cause you to lose teeth because of damage to your jaw bone. If you are post-menopausal, have rheumatoid arthritis, do not exercise, smoke or have a family history of osteoporosis, you are at risk.
  • A heavy price to pay: Being obese puts you at risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which in turn erodes the health of your gums. Managing your weight and eating foods that promote re-mineralization of your teeth reduces the plaque toll in your mouth.


blog_march.pngYou may be wondering why we ask so many questions about your health when you visit Smart Smile - The Smile Dental Centre. It’s because we don’t just give you a great smile, we address the root causes of everything that affects your oral health. Your physical health and oral health are closely related. When you let us know what ails you physically, we can help you achieve 360 degrees of wellness.

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